How to create a chemical free home for a toxic free future

If you’re thinking about living a less toxic lifestyle, an easy place to start is by changing the cleaning products you use at home. While many products seem harmless – or are marketed to be – many of them are often formulated with hazardous chemicals.

Ever since we at Starts at 60 learned about the harsh chemicals and toxins that can be found in nearly everything, we’ve been on the hunt for eco-friendly cleaning products so we can feel better about using them in our homes.

Given the plethora of brands in the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused, but our team has been turning to brands like Euclove. Euclove is a family-owned, Melbourne-based company, with a passion for natural cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and perform brilliantly; combining nature’s beauty with functionality.

Benefits of a chemical-free home

When it comes to ridding your home of chemicals, ignorance is not bliss in this situation!

All across the country, Aussie homes are trying to find ways to reduce the number of chemicals in their kitchen and other rooms of their house, opting for eco-friendly cleaning products and naturally-based cleaning solutions.

And there’s a multitude of reasons as to why you should too!

For one, using the right eco-friendly cleaning products can produce better cleaning results than traditional chemical-laden cleaning products. The chemicals that you use to clean your kitchen can linger on your countertops, cutting boards and your other cooking utensils as well as in your sink. When you prepare foods, you may unknowingly contaminate them with trace amounts of these chemicals.

Let’s start in the kitchen

As they say, the best memories are made in the kitchen! So as we lovingly prepare nourishing food in our kitchens, we sometimes inadvertently introduce compounds we’re better off avoiding. A variety of toxins can lurk in and around our food despite our best intentions to keep them out. Euclove Stainless Steel Cleaner – natural, streak-free with pure essential oils
Stainless steel is extremely durable and resistant to water damage and rust. Ammonia, chlorine bleach, and oven cleaners are all damaging, as are scouring powders and steel wool. And if you live in an area with hard water, it’s likely that the minerals will leave spots. In other words, despite its hardiness, stainless steel requires a high level of upkeep. For tougher stains, I need to call in backup. Luckily, Euclove’s Stainless steel cleaner is tough on stains, not on surfaces. Their formula is so effective, you’re guaranteed to see streak-free surfaces, every time. Made from 100% natural ingredients from Australia, you’ll be saying bye-bye to those cheap and nasty chemicals. What’s more, the ingredients are carefully selected to ensure safety for septic systems and greywater use. Need we say more?

Moving onto the bathroom

Ahh, the bathroom. There is no room more sacred and more difficult to keep clean and sanitised. Many turn to harsh chemical cleaners as an attempt to make sure their bathrooms are deep cleaned and safe. However, these powerful chemicals bring with them unique risks and can be extremely irritating to your lungs and sinuses. Don’t play chemist in the bathroom and risk your health, take it from us, it is possible to clean and sanitise your bathroom using safe, sustainable and green products.

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